SPELL: How to close (and open) a spirit door.

Samhain has come and gone, but sometimes the spirits don't get the memo. If you would like to make sure no lingering ghosts are around you, you can do this spell to close the door to the other side. 


  1. Lock & Key (new and unused)
  2. Black Ribbon.
  3. Black Witches Salt (activated charcoal mixed with sea salt, do not ingest).
  4. Two Fresh Rosemary Sprigs.


  1. Make sure to unlock the lock with the key before you begin.
  2. Place a ring of salt around the unlocked lock, key, and two rosemary sprigs.
  3. Take a few breaths and visualize the door to the other side closing.
  4. Take the key and lock the lock.
  5. Tie the black ribbon around the lock. 
  6. Store the lock and key in different areas your home. Keep one sprig of rosemary in each place. In the future, this set can be used to open and close the door when needed. 


  • Found a padlock with coordinating key, the key has a red silky ribbon looped through and the padlock was locked onto the ribbon. Found In home of woman who placed hex on me and persuaded my husband into being with her currently out of state. This has to mean something right?

    Lauren elliott
  • I have been hexed (hoodoo) by a woman who befriended me, and further entangled herself in my life with her child as a friend to mine, and even started dating a friend of mine and my husband’s, as well as lied about her own family members health, placed this hex upon for her own personal (monetary) gain. She gained or rather forced, trust, access to my home, family, personal items, sensitive documents, information.. in order to set me up, create a rift, and took advantage of an argument between my husband and I, so that she could take my husband for his money as he has a seemingly unlimited bank account, they are currently in our vacation home in florida, there’s virtually no contact from him to any friends family or otherwise besides only to let it b known to me that he’s still alive, , icurrentl reside in our main home with our 2 small children, unsure if he will continue to pay the bills at this residence as I normally did the act of actually paying the bills, I am not on his monetary accounts, and ive been a stay at home mom since our children were born. 4+ years. , I have felt the affects of the hex, she placed on me, several close friends and my mom have started noticing affects, the hex has been in place for several months which is jus as long as she’s been our lives, and are starting to take notice of his absence and lack of communication, this whole thing is absolutely unbelievable to say thecleast if I wasn’t in it I’d be hard pressed to believeit myself, I’ve been working on protecting myself and my children from further harm from her, but I’ve found additional things related to magic, that I have questions about an very little places for advice on it or anyone familiar with this type of stuff, Google is def not much help.. please I’m begging for anyone at all who has knowledge in these Crafts to please contact me via email, laurenkat2021@yahoo.com or laurenelliott385@gmail.com or 4342034884 on whatsapp, Facebook, anything at all, please do, I jus want my husband and family back and to kno we r safe if I can undo her hex on me that it isn’t attached to my kids, mayb a way to help him or open his eyes, her hex took 3 months to get this far, her with my husband jus happend 8/23/22 which was my daughter’s 4th birthday, she decided to execute her plan with husband on my daughters birthday,, my only personal gain in trying to use the arts At all is to try to right her wrong and hopefully undo what’s she’s done, and I’m if I’m lucky our lives go back to normal plz plz help..

    Shes chased after money similarly before drained mens accounts abused and neglected her own children and fam8ly members, how shes avoided any consequences at her age is beyond me.. any advice or help is welcome!! Thanks to you all whom ever reads this, kerp us in positive thought, prayers. Whatever anythung at all helps. I ttuly mean that

    - Lauren Elliott-Kirkland, Kenzii & Lucas Kirkland. (Husband Christopher Kirkland)

    Lauren elliott please help
  • Hi Paul,

    I recommend cleansing your home with Juniper and salt!

  • How do I unlock the spirit door I have a trapped spirit?

  • What if we don’t have fresh rosemary?


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