Memento Mori Expansion: General Pack
Memento Mori Expansion: General Pack
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Memento Mori Expansion: General Pack

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The Memento Mori Oracle Expansion Packs have arrived!

These special packs are to be used in conjunction with the original Memento Mori Oracle Deck, and are designed to enhance your readings.

The General Expansion Pack contains cards 86-115 (30 total). They are a blend of witchy objects, funeral items, animals and tools - just like the original deck.

Cards in this pack:

Ghost, Angel, Black Ink, Hand of Glory, Corpse, Crow's Foot, Mourning Brooch, Casket Screw, Boot, Deer, Moth, Spinning Wheel, Frog, Witch, Thistle, Pins, Scorpion, Mandrake Root, Sacred Stone, Witch Bottle, Cage, Torch, Executioner, Mining Pick, Newspaper, Hare, Imp, Trunk, Painting, Casket Plate

Uses for this pack:

1. Traditional oracle divination.

2. Spell-working.

3. Ancestor and spirit communication.

"Memento Mori Expansion: General Pack is the only deck I’ve seen out there that caters to folkloric and traditional witches. It features objects that are well known for their use in historical spells and magical operations; obscure ingredients and tools used in the crafting of poisons, ointments and talismans are covered as well. This expansion is a staple in my daily divination and spirit communication, especially when I’m looking for guidance on my craft. It speaks my language. Spookily accurate, just as the base deck!" - @mnomquah

Tech Specs and Important Information:

Please read all the following information prior to placing your order. 

  • 30 Cards numbered 86-115
  • Witchy Objects, Animals, Tools and Funeral Imagery
  • Custom Tuck Box
  • Meanings Booklet
  • Standard Tarot Size

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