Rose & Honey Love Spell:

Not all love spells are meant to be put on another person. Ultimately it is your decision what you want to do. I recommend casting this spell on yourself.

Honey, pink rosebuds, a pink ribbon, a new glass jar, a pink pen and a piece of paper. ⠀

1. Write down what (or who) you want on the piece of paper. I’m not going to be the person who warns you about doing spells on other people - that’s your choice.⠀  

2. Fold the paper towards yourself and wrap it in the pink ribbon. ⠀

3. Put it in the jar and fill with honey (make sure the paper and ribbon is fully covered).⠀

4. Sprinkle in the rosebuds and close.⠀

5. Place the jar in a hidden corner of your home and leave it alone. ⠀

While not necessary, you can add in some Moon magic into this: Waxing + Friday + Libra/Taurus (just some suggestions).

*all tarot, astrology and spells are for entertainment purposes only.*

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