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Augury divination is a method of reading the energy from birds. It takes into account their movements, migratory patterns, and sightings. Augury divination is often used to predict the future or provide guidance in life. This divination can be performed in many ways:
- By observing bird behaviour
- By interpreting what you see in your backyard (or any other place)
- With the help of books about Augury Divination with Birds
It's earliest known recorded use is from the Ancient Greeks when Augury was used to predict the future. Augury divination has also been mentioned several times throughout history, including in the works of Cicero, Pliny and Aristotle. Whilst this practice goes back centuries, Augury is still being practiced today for different purposes. Everything from personal guidance, to gaining insights about business decisions, and even political purposes.
Different birds also have different symbolism to them, which adds to the general story behind the reading itself:
- Eagle: strength, power, authority and wisdom
- Heron: change and good luck
- Magpie: messengers of ill news or illness (or protection)
- Dove: peace and love
- Owl: secrecy, otherworldly and hidden knowledge
- Swallow: happiness in family life
- And many more! 
Divination can be a very interesting experience. You never know what you'll find out or what insights the future will hold for you. The use of this divination method is not only a fun way to connect with the natural world around you, but it can also be a powerful tool for personal growth and understanding. By observing the birds in your backyard (or any nature space where you can ground, centre and focus) you can gain insights about yourself, your life and future.
In terms of interpreting basic bird movements, look at the following:
- Circling: a warning or bad news
- Flying high and away from you: good luck
- Landing in your immediate space: something is coming to you, some kind of insight/knowledge about what you're working on. If the bird lands near where it landed before, that means there's something more to this topic/question/theme/query which is to be explored further.
Other movements of birds to interpret include:
- Pecking at the ground: something you don't want to see or acknowledge
- Flying in formation: a message from beyond, such as an ancestor or spirit guide
- Chirping and singing: messages of joy, happiness and good news.
Augury divination with the help of birds is a very interesting way to practice Divination, and to be used for personal guidance - so get out there, find some bird books or just head outside and follow your intuition!
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